Why Our Team

If an attorney doesn’t care about you and your case, we believe you are doomed from the start. Unfortunately, those attorneys do exist. They handle criminal cases because it pays the bills and they never consider the human element that comes with each and every criminal case.

Our Team’s Focus

Our team has the experience to fight back when we don’t get the offer we want. We’ve tried many cases, with the vast majority of those trials being in defense of citizens accused of crimes. These trials have ranged from misdemeanor trials all the way to very serious felony trials with mandatory state prison sentences at stake.

These experiences have given our team a reputation of being unafraid to fight for you, when necessary, . When we believe the offer proposed by the district attorney’s office is less than the offer you deserve, we use our skills and experience to negotiate a better offer for you or, in the alternative show the jury why justice mandates you be found not guilty of the crimes you are charged with.

With our experience and confidence you won’t be left in a position where you have to accept whatever offer is proposed to you by the district attorney’s office or court, but you will have the option to have us re-negotiate for you, or press your matter further up and through trial, if necessary. Often times, our willingness to go the distance for you, makes a better offer possible.

Being Charged With A Crime

A person who is accused of a crime is in a very stressful and important battle that can have long lasting and potentially devastating consequences on their life. If you don’t have an attorney who you trust and have confidence in by your side each step of the way, you are behind the eight ball before you even start.

We’d like you to come into our office and meet with us to see if we can be the attorneys who help you accomplish your goals in this important situation. No strings attached, just an honest meeting for feedback on your situation.

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