Monroe, Ontario and Livingston County DWI and Criminal Defense

Attorney Roxin is simply one of the most knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense and DWI attorneys in the Monroe, Ontario, and Livingston County area. Throughout his legal experience, Attorney Roxin has defended hundreds of DWI felony and misdemeanor cases. Prior to working at Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier), Attorney Roxin served for nearly seventeen years with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office which included four years as Chief of the county’s DWI Bureau.

Attorney Roxin has published several articles on DWI and Criminal Defense including most recently an article titled “Going to Court, Part One”. Attorney is accomplished lecturer and his speaking engagements include teaching criminal defense and DWI lawyers at the New York State Bar Association.


Attorney Roxin obtained Bachelors in Communications and American History from Boston University then later received a Juris Doctor from Albany Law School.

Bar and Court Admissions

Attorney Roxin is licensed by the New York state bar association.

What Clients Have To Say

Attorney Roxin is one of few attorneys in Monroe, Ontario or Lawrence county to have earned AVVO’s “10.0 Superb” DWI ratings. For over eleven consecutive years, Attorney Roxin has also earned the “BV Distinguished” rating by Martindale-Hubbell, which is a peer review group. Additionally, Attorney Roxin was named one of New York’s “10 Best” DWI attorneys for client satisfaction by the American Institute of DWI Attorneys and was even selected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers for Criminal Defense.

Mr. Roxin has helped clients obtain favorable results in a variety of cases. Many of the clients that Attorney Roxin have assisted have commented on his professional nature, ability to keep clients informed about all elements of a case, extensive knowledge on DWI and criminal defense law, and strong ability to negotiate for lesser terms in response to a charge.

Rochester College Attorney

Every college or university has a Judicial Conduct Board whose purpose is to review allegations of violations of the school’s code of conduct. Depending on the severity of the offense, and whether it is a repeat violation, the sanctions to be imposed can range from letter reprimand to a suspension and even expulsion. A permanent record of the offense on a student’s transcript will impact the student’s ability to remain at the school and will very likely also hurt the student’s chances of securing gainful employment upon graduation in today’s competitive job market.

Fortunately, attorney Rick Roxin can help. He is experienced in representing students in these matters, and has aided many in successfully contesting the allegations, and when necessary, preparing them for Judicial Conduct Board hearings, in addition to preparing appeals on their behalf to college and university deans.

As the father of 3 college graduates and one who is a college junior, Rick is aware of the challenges on today’s campuses and with his legal background and proven track record of success, he can help you.

Ways that a Talented Monroe County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Clients benefit from the services of Attorney Roxin in several ways. Attorney Roxin is able to work with opposing legal counsel to negotiate an advantageous plea deal, navigate a case through the many complicated aspect of the New York state legal system, explain all of the potential results that might arise from a case, gather evidence and statements concerning how an incident occurred, and retain the services of the very best investigators that can determine exactly how an incident occurred.

Reasons to Contact a Top Livingston County DWI Attorney

There are many ways that Attorney Roxin can help clients who face DWI charges. Attorney Roxin is able to carefully determine the events surrounding a DWI to determine whether any violations were committed by law enforcement. Furthermore, Attorney Roxin has significant experience defending DWI cases and understands what is required in order to mount a strong and successful defense strategy. While many attorney in the state of New York claim to practice DWI cases, only a handful of attorneys have the significant experience of Roxin and understand the complex and technical areas of DWI law. Throughout the legal process, Attorney Roxin carefully handles DWI cases to ensure that the case is not compromised in any degree and that an individual reaches the best potential outcome.

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