Saratoga, Montgomery, Schenectady, and Herkimer DWI, Drugs, and Criminal Defense Attorney

A Coast Guard veteran, Attorney Viscosi has worked on both sides of the courtroom as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney representing individuals that have been charged with crimes.

Attorney Viscosi is committed to criminal defense involving DWIs because he believes in the necessity of the work. Attorney Viscosi also understands that breath tests can result in mistaken results. Although driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense, individuals should still be able to live relatively free from government interference.


Attorney Viscosi obtained Bachelors of Arts from SUNY Plattsburgh and from the University of Southern Maine. Mr. Viscosi then obtained a Juris Doctorate from Western New England University School of Law.

During law school, Attorney Viscosi interned with the United States Attorney’s Office and was employed for one year with the New York State Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud and Protection Bureau in Albany, New York. Mr. Viscosi also served as a reservist for the Coastal Guard District One Office of the Judge Advocate General in Boston.

Bar and Court Admissions

Attorney Viscosi is affiliated with both the New York State Bar Association and is admitted in Federal Court.

What Clients Have To Say

Clients have frequently commented on Mr. Viscosi’s quick ability to help other individuals, consistent availability to aid clients, talent for informing clients about even the smallest changes in the nature of their case and for his thorough knowledge of the law.

How a Knowledgeable Saratoga DWI Attorney Can Help

DWIs can result in jail time, heavy fines, a permanent criminal record, alcohol rehabilitation programs, and the loss of driver’s license privileges. A DWI attorney can evaluate your case to create a successful strategy. A skilled attorney like Mr. Viscosi can help obtain important evidence, record details from involved witnesses, negotiate with the government, and fight to make sure that your case remains the best potential outcome.

Reasons to Contact a Schenectady Drug Crime Attorney

If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, there are significant criminal penalties that can result. With the assistance of a skilled and experienced legal professional like Mr. Viscosi, individuals can maximize the possibility of receiving reduced or dropped charges.

The Assistance of a Montgomery Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what types of criminal charges you are facing, an experienced attorney like Mr. Viscosi will be able to explore potential legal defenses, suppress incriminating evidence, and keep you informed throughout the legal proceeding. Attorney Viscosi will also be able to evaluate a case for potential strengths and weaknesses then advise a client about options. Attorney Viscosi understands that the criminal justice system can penalize an individual with extensive consequences and he is able to use extensive criminal law experience from plea bargaining to jury trials to help individuals who have been charged with criminal offenses.

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