Rochester Criminal Defense and DWI Attorney

A native of Western New York, Attorney Penders has developed a thorough understanding of New York State’s various DWI laws.

Attorney Penders is passionate about defending the rights of accused individuals. There are many flaws in our criminal justice system which often results in unfair treatment for the defendant. Mr. Penders aims to help individuals navigate this complex system.


SUNY Brockport, BS
Albany Law School, JD

Bar and Court Admissions

Attorney Penders is affiliated with several professional organizations including the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the Monroe County Bar Association.

What Clients Have To Say

Since joining Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) in 2014, Attorney Penders has been able to help a large number of clients who are involved in criminal defense and DWI cases. Clients have frequently commented on Attorney Pender’s knowledgeable and efficient style. He is known as a charismatic and passionate defender of the rights of the accused. Attorney Penders is also able to answer any questions that individuals might have about a case and makes his services easily available and accessible to clients by phone or email.

How A Top Rochester Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Individuals facing criminal charges need an attorney with the knowledge and skills to properly evaluate each case for all legal defenses available. Beyond evaluating each case, the attorney needs to be able to present and explore each legal defense through the trial stage. This requires pre-trial negotiations, motions, hearings, and if necessary a trial.

While most cases are resolved pre-trial with a plea bargain, Mr. Penders is as skilled a negotiator as he is a trial attorney. He is experienced in handling and resolving hundreds of criminal cases pre-trial and several with trial. Attorney Penders can prepare witnesses and skillfully cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses.

Mr. Penders will explain each stage of the case with the individual facing charges. He is skilled at helping the individual understand the complexities of the criminal justice system. Attorney Penders gives his clients confidence, and relief, as each individual feels they are being fought for. Attorney Penders passionately fights for each of his clients from beginning to end.

Reasons to Contact a Skilled Rochester DWI Attorney

It is important to have an attorney with vast experience in DWI defense. Having knowledge of the many penalties levied by the courts, the state, and the DMV is an important part of representation. Individuals facing DWI charges can be penalized with fines, loss of license privileges, jail, probation, or community service. Furthermore, knowledge, training, and experience with law enforcement’s training, field sobriety tests, and breath tests is extremely important. Each DWI case is unique, and requires an attention to detail not often seen with other criminal matters. Attorney Penders knows how to help individuals keep their penalties and exposure at a minimum.

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