Saratoga Washington and Warren County Criminal/DWI Defense Attorney

Mr. DeStefano has spent the majority of his legal career helping individuals in Saratoga, Washington, and Warren County respond to DWI and criminal charges. An eight and one half year veteran in the United States Navy, Attorney DeStefano also worked with the Knolls Atomic Power Lab as a supervisor prior to focusing on criminal and DWI law. Attorney DeStefano has practiced in several courts throughout New York State assisting individuals in a variety of DWI and criminal defense cases.

Attorney DeStefano chose to become a DWI attorney to defend the rights of individuals who are charged with drinking and driving. In a time when many legislators are passing stricter laws against drivers charged with DWIs, legal counsel like DeStefano make sure that the court system operates in a fair and impartial manner towards individuals who might be facing such charges. DeStefano is committed to making sure that courts respect the Constitutional rights of individuals who are charged with DWI.


Mr. DeStefano obtained a Bachelors of Science from Sage College of Albany. Attorney DeStefano later obtained a Juris Doctor from Albany Law School.

Bar and Court Admissions

Attorney DeStefano is an active member of the Saratoga County Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.

What Clients Have To Say

A large number of clients faced with DWI and DWI related charges have benefitted from the services of Attorney DeStefano. Attorney DeStefano focuses particularly on client satisfaction and strives in each case to make sure that a client receives the very best in legal representation. In addition to a high level of client satisfaction and strong relationships with clients, Attorney DeStefano is also particularly knowledgeable about the complicated laws involved in DWI cases.

How A Knowledgeable Saratoga, Washington, and Warren County DWI Attorney Can Help

Facing a DWI charge in the state of New York can be precarious situation. Attorney DeStefano has significant experience helping individuals respond to DWI charges to ensure that the best possible consequences are reached. Attorney DeStefano is well versed in the various nuances and intricate details of New York DWI laws and is capable of determining how the unique circumstances of a case will likely influence the eventual come.

After analyzing all of the various potential angles, Attorney DeStefano provides clients with information regarding the best course of action to be taken to minimize potential repercussions. Attorney DeStefano is also familiar with the plea bargaining process in Saratoga, Washington, and Warren County to ensure that cases have the best possible outcome and that that the best potential sentences are reached in a case. Individuals faced with a DWI must understand that the consequences of these charges can result in jail times, significant fines, and various other penalties which often makes it essential to retain the services of a skilled DWI attorney like Gus DeStefano.

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