Monroe County Criminal Defense and DWI Attorney

A native of Rochester, Derek Wild has had a long, successful career with Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier). Mr. Wild worked at Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier)’s corporate office for three (3) years following law school graduation. Wanting to go back to his hometown and practice in Monroe County, Mr. Wild transferred to our Rochester Office. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a focus in the area of DWI. Attorney Wild was also awarded the Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) Courtroom Warrior Award in 2012 and the Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) Employer Excellence Award in 2013. In 2015, Mr. Wild was accepted as a “Premier 100 Trial Attorney” by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys.

Attorney Wild has chosen to dedicate his career to DWI, and DWI related charges because Attorney Wild understands the many types of people who are affected by these types of criminal offenses. Defending clients against DWIs provides Attorney Wild with the opportunity to advocate on behalf on good individuals who just happen to have made poor choices or been falsely accused of committing a crime.


Attorney Wild obtained a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Buffalo and later obtained a Juris Doctor form Syracuse University College of Law.

In addition to his impressive legal education, Attorney Wild has also composed essays regarding particularly complicated legal subjects including one article titled “To Plea or Not to Plea?”

Bar and Court Admissions

Attorney Wild is associated with both the New York State Bar Association and the National College for DUI Defense. He is licensed to practice law in New York State.

What Clients Have To Say

Attorney Wild has helped a large number of clients reach successful result in DWI and criminal defense cases. Many clients have observed Mr. Wild’s ability to get the best possible result, his ability to provide clients with all important details about a case in easy to understand terms, and impressive knowledge about a variety of law and recent legislative developments.

The Assistance of a Skilled Rochester Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are able to help clients in several ways. A skilled attorney can help negotiate a plea bargain that can result in the reduction of a potential sentence. Skilled legal counsel like Mr. Wild is also able to work out a suitable sentencing program to result in reduced potential legal consequences. An experienced attorney like Mr. Wild is also very familiar with courtroom procedures and is able to inform individuals about the elements involved in a criminal trial. Attorney Wild is also able to explain the consequences of a legal case to individuals so that they can understand all potential outcomes of a case ranging from the worst to best case scenario. An experienced attorney is also able to gather the various important details and evidence about a crime including interviewing witnesses who may have information otherwise unknown. A skilled attorney can also identify and hire investigators who will perform an analysis of how an accident occurred in order to determine issues of liability.

How a Knowledgeable Rochester DWI Attorney Can Help

Mr. Wild has the experience necessary to create a strong defense to charges you face. He understands the various ways in which opposing counsel can prepare DWI cases against individuals. Some of the potential defenses that Attorney Wild can help construct include but are certainly not limited to: lack of probable cause for the arrest, an unlawful arrest, the manner in which the field sobriety tests are administered, and challenging the results of a chemical test.

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