Derek Andrews

New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Derek Andrews is a senior attorney at Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) with a demonstrated track record of litigating cases in a court of law before juries. He prides himself on being a young, intelligent and aggressive attorney who is motivated to actively defend his clients’ interests and rights. He approaches each of his client’s cases as unique and treats each person as his equal.

Whether it be pursuing a quick resolution through negotiation or litigating a case before a judge and jury, Derek is always trying his hardest to get the best result. He understands, though, that the best result changes from person to person and he crafts a defense strategy to suit that client. In the surrounding community, Derek has rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable DWI and criminal defense attorneys.

When not active in the courtroom, Derek regularly spends his time researching developments in the law and incorporating new knowledge into his practice so that he can better represent his clients.

Outside of his time at the firm, Derek has spoken to students at Syracuse University College of Law regarding being active in pro bono activities and the intersection of client counseling and criminal defense. He also volunteers with local organizations such as the Volunteer Lawyers Project as a means of giving back to the community.


Graduating magna cum laude in three years, Derek obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a major in history and a minor in pre-law from Western New Mexico University in 2009. He then quickly moved to Syracuse University College of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor in 2012.

Since graduating from law school, Derek has further honed his skills in the courtroom by attending the New York State Bar Association’s annual trial academy held each year at Cornell Law School.

Bar and Court Admissions

Derek is admitted to practice in New York state courts and the Northern District of the United State District Court for the State of New York. He is affiliated with several professional organizations including the New York State Bar Association, the Onondaga County Bar Association, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

How a Talented New York Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Derek is devoted to criminal defense throughout the state of New York and is familiar with the latest scientific tests and technology used to gather information and knows how to best challenge this evidence. A large number of clients feel uncomfortable or uneasy about facing criminal charges, but fortunately Derek is able to put a large number of clients at ease by explaining the criminal law process in easily understandable terms. He ensures that a client will always feel like he or she is part of the team and empowers them to make important decisions based on sound advice.

After an initial consultation, a skilled criminal defense attorney can inform clients about the legal system and potential case outcomes. Derek is always willing to deeply examine the facts of the case to determine the strongest defense possible. He will not rest until all avenues of defense or negotiation have been explored before making any recommendation to his clients about how they should resolve their cases.


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