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Many people don’t fully understand the impact that a criminal conviction in New York can ultimately have on their lives. Criminal convictions affect relationships, make obtaining jobs difficult, and can have profound psychological effects on those enduring the process. And being wrongfully convicted may leave you feeling betrayed and alone. Some innocent people wrongly believe that not hiring an attorney will prove innocence, but that is not correct. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is not admitting guilt. It’s a way to protect your rights and prevent evidence that is taken out of context from hurting you. Even if you have committed a crime, the criminal justice system in New York State often makes mistakes and may not always serve true justice. Our team will make sure that you are treated fairly, every step of the way along the process.

Xavier + Associates Can Help

For criminal charges including violent crimes, driving while intoxicated, theft, assault, and other criminal charges, the full team at Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) is here to help. Our New York criminal defense law firm is focused on providing compassionate and relentless legal services to obtain the best possible outcome for each case we accept. Only a highly experienced and skilled attorney will be able to successfully obtain reduced charges, dismissal, or even expungement. Hiring our firm may be the single most influential decision you can make in your case. In criminal defense, it’s vital that you hire an attorney who you can trust. You can trust us. At Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier), we make sure that each client’s freedom, reputation, and future is protected against unnecessary and untruthful allegations.


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I was extremely impressed with Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier) and how quickly I was matched with representation. Everything was clearly communicated to me throughout the process and in the end I was satisfied with my result given the situation.



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My attorney and his legal team were always there when I needed to ask a question, or talk about what the process was going forward. I was always updated with what the next steps would be and different routes we could take to hopefully make this as painless as possible.




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We want to do everything we can for our clients. Part of the greatness of this country is fighting back when the government is over reaching.

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We’ve gone from a country who helps its citizens to one that focuses on punishment and prison. Our team wants to help you if you’ve been accused of a crime, regardless of whether you believe you are innocent or guilty. We will help you come up with a unique defense that takes into account your goals and minimize your risks. Sit down and meet with us to see if we can come up with a plan that works for you.

We have the reputation for success you need to develop a thorough defense strategy. Our team has won successful outcomes for thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases in New York, and we can show you exactly why many clients prefer Xavier + Associates (formerly Anelli Xavier).

Tom Anelli and his team understands that criminal cases are rarely straightforward, and we will fight to make sure that the true story comes to light during criminal proceedings. In a criminal case, the prosecution has to prove to a jury that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That, in practice, is a tall order to fill.

Our team uses a variety of defense strategies focused on casting doubt on the prosecution’s case. We often find flaws in a case involving arrest proceedings, evidence collection, and witness testimony. With a range of defense tactics at our disposal, we are known for making sure that our clients are treated with fairness under the law.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, your life, your future, and your family could be at stake. Make sure that you have the right person by your side during criminal proceedings. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have regarding our approach to criminal defense. We’re available for consultation around the clock. Contact us today for support.